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4 Types of Abuse

 A Physical Abuser will:

  • Spit at you; scratch, bite, or grab you
  • Shake, shove, push, restrain, or throw you
  • Twist, slap, punch, choke, or burn you
  • Throw objects at you; may use weapons to threaten you, attack you, or even kill you
  • Lock you out of the house; refuse to help when you are sick
  • Become abusive during mealtimes to prevent you from eating in peace; become abusive during sleep time to disrupt your sleep

A Sexual Abuser will:

  • Be jealous, possessive; call you sexual names
  • Withhold sex and affection as a punishment
  • Coerce you to have sex by manipulation or threats
  • Pressure you to have sex when you don't want to
  • Physically force you to have sex
  • Act violent during sex
  • Coerce you into sexual acts which you are uncomfortable with (sex with a third party, physically painful sex, or sexual activity you find offensive)
  • Be verbally denigrating during sex
  • Force you to not use birth control or to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases he/she may have
  • Be unfaithful to you after committing to monogamy

An Emotional Abuser will:

  • Attack you verbally in public or in private
  • Insult you about things like your weight, your culture, your education, your religion, your language, or even your history as a survivor of his/her abuse
  • Hold approval or affection as a punishment
  • Play mind or ''head'' games
  • Regularly threaten to leave you, or tell you to leave
  • Always claim to be right; break promises, will not follow through on agreements
  • Isolate you from your family and/or friends

A Financial Abuser will:

  • Control all the money; have all the bills in his/her name
  • Not allow you to work outside the house, or refuse to work himself/herself and make you support the family
  • Put you on an allowance for you and the children
  • Take away your paycheck
  • Save or spend money while depriving you and your kids of things you need